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A Garden of Lilies by Judith Rossell (Improving Tales for Young Minds)
Requirements: epub/mobi Reader, 19.2MB
Overview: In Wormwood Mire, award-winning author Judith Rossell introduced us to the lessons of fictitious Victorian writer Prudence A Goodchild …
Now the book comes to life as the perfect gift for any Stella Montgomery.

Children, listen and take heed, As this little book you read. All your evil ways amend, Or you will meet a dreadful end.
From the bestselling world of Stella Montgomery comes an illustrated alphabet of startling cautionary tales for the discerning young reader.
Filled with uncommon facts for the novice conversationalist, prudent advice for house and garden, and rigorous lessons in etiquette and manners,
A Garden of Lilies will transform any wayward child into the very picture of Victorian decorum and grace.
Genre: Children/YA Fiction


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