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A Galaxy Too Far by Dennis E Smirl, Ian Hall (The Star-Eater Chronicles #1)
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Overview: Seth Gingko is one of a thousand MacCollie Survey-Scouts sent out to map the galaxy. As he finally reaches the very edge of his assigned spiral arm, he finishes his contract and prepares to take ownership of the ship he’d been using. That’s Seth’s payment for his five years of service.
But destiny has other plans for Seth and his egotistical computer,’Ship’. An alien race interrupts Seth’s plans for retirement, throwing the small Survey-Scout into uncharted space.
Seth has to return to Earth with news of the alien race, but getting past the invasion armada is never going to be a straight-forward mission.
Belt up for action. This novella takes Seth and Ship where no man wants to go!
This is the first in a new novella series by Dennis E. Smirl & Ian Hall.
Both are award winning writers. Their styles are sharp, witty, and full of energy.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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