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A Billion Little Things by Winona James (A Texas Billionaire Romance Book 1)
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Overview: One gorgeous afternoon in Southern California, my life fell apart, all because I forgot to grab the box of scarves for a client. When I say fell apart, I mean hours later I was packing my VW Bug and making the drive back to Dallas, Texas with my tail between my legs. Oh, and since I’d just developed a UTI, I also had a Depends between my legs. Have you ever had to drive halfway across the country with a UTI? It’s not pretty.

What’s even less pretty was how I looked as smelled when I finally arrived in Texas. At which point my car decided it had smelled me enough too and broke down in the middle of a busy intersection.

You know how it is; you go out dressed to the nines and you don’t see anyone you know. Then you go out in clothes you’ve worn for three days straight and you run into the wealthiest thirty-something in the state. Well, that’s how it went for me anyway.

And so that was how I met Henry Walton and his twin sister Piper. Considering Piper was a fashionista, and I was a stylist, this wasn’t how I wanted to meet her, or her “Duck Dynasty” lookalike brother.

Things can only get better, right? Wrong!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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