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A Baby for the Bad Boy Series by Layla Valentine, Ana Sparks (1, 3)
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Overview: Layla Valentine is the bestselling author of Take Me, V-Card for Sale and Buy Me, Bride Me. Known for her feisty heroines and fast-paced, steamy romances, she writes searingly hot stories packed with billionaires, blackmail and more than a few babies.Ana loves alphas, and the gorgeous women who strive to tame them.
Genre: Romance


1. Mountain Daddy – He wants to live alone in the mountains,Just him and his adorable daughter.Well I’ve got some news for him…He’s got another baby on the way.
Living off-grid wasn’t a lifestyle choice,As an ex bounty hunter I need to make sure my past doesn’t come back to haunt me.My life is up hereAnd I’ll protect my daughter till the day I die.Serena’s a city girl,And I’m a mountain man.There’s no future for us,But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.
I needed a vacation,But I ended up taking a ride on the wild side.Swept away by a tall, dark, and hot as hell single dad.We got cozy up in the mountains,Only he left me a little something to remember him by…I’m pregnant.And I’ve gotta tell him his daughter has a sibling on the way…

3. Lucky Baby – 2017 re-issue – Jay lives by his luck
Well I’m gonna deal him a wildcard.I’m carrying his baby.He’s a rags to riches story.Bad boy, turned world-class poker player.And of course, he’s irresistible; Ocean-blue eyes, and rugged good looks,Filthy-rich and filthy-minded.He’s cocky as the King of Spades,Mine, if only for a night.But he left me something to remember him by,He put an ace in the hole.I’m going to up the ante,I’m gonna tell him he’s got a lucky baby on the way.

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