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8 Novels by Fred Saberhagen
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Overview: Fred Saberhagen was an American science fiction and fantasy author most famous for his ”Beserker” and Dracula stories.
Saberhagen also wrote a series of a series of post-apocalyptic mytho-magical novels beginning with his popular ”Empire of the East” and continuing through a long series of ”Swords” and ”Lost Swords” novels. Saberhagen died of cancer, in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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Dancing Bears
In 1906 much is changing in Russia, and on the huge Lohmatski estate a man-eating bear has attacked at least two men. When Gregori Lohmatski, an ardent hunter visiting London, receives the urgent summons home, he invites his American friend and fellow hunter, John Sherwood, to join him. Though Greg tempers his invitation with caution, Sherwood accepts with delight.

Russia proves far stranger than Sherwood had imagined. When he and Gregori arrive, they find Greg’s father gone, apparently killed by the bear; Greg’s brother Maxim missing; Greg’s beautiful, revolution-minded sister Natalya barely evading the tsar’s police; and the loyal, but superstitious, peasants in an uproar.

The Lohmatski men, Sherwood learns, have long been pursued by rumors of their ability to change into bears. Maxim returns, but Greg is whisked away by the police, and Sherwood finds himself on the run with Natalya. From the Russian police. From Maxim, who is not quite what he seems. And from the fate that will inevitably follow Sherwood’s wounding at a werebear’s claws…

Earth Descended
Pinnacle of creation, or…?
It all began on Planet Earth, sometime in the Middle Pleistocene. A ground-running ape stood erect, gazed at the stars…and wondered. Since that distant time and place we humans have ranged far indeed, and changed much – and the traveling and the changing have left us sundered. But no matter how new planets reshape our bodies and new gods reshape our souls, we, and we alone are the EARTH DESCENDED.

The Frankenstein Papers
What really happened on that Dark and Stormy Night?
Shelley’s classic novel FRANKENSTEIN was a publishing sensation. Alas, we Moderns know that the central even she described – the reanimation of a long-dead corpse by the application of electricity – could never happen, and that therefore the Monster could not have existed.
But Wait! By a curious chain of coincidences, SF superstar Fred Saberhagen has come into possession of a manuscript written not by some otherwise obscure Gothic romance writer, but by the monster himself. At Last It Can Be Told. – THE ELECTRIFYING TRUTH about the hideous Dr. Frakenstein and his Monster with a heart of gold…

Love Conquers All
In a world where zero population growth is strictly enforced and sexual permissiveness is the chief means of control, a young woman’s decision to bear her third child makes her the target of concerted oppression.

Merlin’s Bones
In post-Arthurian England, ten-year old Amby and the troupe of traveling players he belongs to are on the run from a conqueror. He has been gifted with second-sight, and when the troupe stumbles upon an unoccupied castle he is the only one in the group who senses the power that lies within the stone building. In the near future, the Fisher King, Mordred and Morgan le Fay seek to gain control of Dr. Elaine Brusen’s hypostater, a machine capable of altering fundamental reality.

Both Amby and Elaine are unwittingly drawn into a power struggle that spans centuries and spills into the realm of fairy and beyond. Saberhagen reworks Arthurian legend and puts Arthur’s survival, the succession of New Camelot and Merlin’s bones on the line with an exciting blend of romance, danger and adventure.

Players scattered across the continent are engaged in a game. Each player has certain attributes, including skill, strength, courage, cunning, and daring. Each has his kingdom. Each can ally with or attack any of the others . . . But one player seems to have confused the reality of the game with the reality of the world: a player with the attributes of machinelike precision and mechanical ruthlessness. His name is Octagon, and he’s out for blood. Even though he doesn’t have any.

The terror began the very first night that Dan Post spent with his children in the old house on the hill. In his sleep he felt his identity dissolving, merging with human beings of the distant past, creatures who had somehow returned to life as they invaded his defenseless mind. At first Dan Post thought he was going mad. Then he discovered the truth about the house that he and his children lived in … what waited for them at the end of the tunnel behind the basement wall … And Dan Post could only wish that he was mad … that the nightmare was only a dream that the horror was not inescapably real…

The Water Of Thought
…but each in a different way. In one the effect was total, utter addiction. In another, a compulsion to absolute obedience. In a third, idealistic monomania. In a fourth, unending, all-consuming lust. Of all the enigmas surrounding the planet Kappa, none was more inscrutable than that mysterious liquid central to all the native rites.

There was, in fact, only one certainty about it: Now that it threatened to contaminate the worlds of Earth, its source would have to be destroyed – even though for the native Kappans the Water of Thought was as necessary as the Breath of Life itself.

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