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7 Novels by Josie Myer
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Overview: Josie Myer has been writing for as long as she can remember. She loves the temporary escape of reality a good story can provide. After reading stories like “Belinda”, Taboo Romances became a wicked fascination. Besides bike riding and carrying for her three legged Pug name Moo, Josie enjoys writing wicked taboo tales of erotica.
Genre: Fiction, Erotica

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The Bet by Myer Josie
Lori and her friends have set the Ultimate Bet. Who can loose their virginity first. With the help of the closest man in her life, Lori is determined to win the bet.

Naughty Lessons for Elle Collection
Naughty Lessons Before Rob
Serving Rob’s Friends
Date Night with Rob

Deflowering Daisy: Taboo Erotica
Find out how 18-year-old Daisy teases the man of the house into plucking her fresh untouched petals.

Roxy’s Wedding Rehearsal
It’s the night before Roxy’s wedding and she has planned and rehearsed to make things perfect for her big day… Well, everything except for the one thing that will keep her innocent and a virgin on her wedding night. When Roxy goes to the man of the house for help, he suggests the only way to learn about sex is to rehearse the act in a practical manner, with visual aids of course. After one long hard night of instructions, Roxy hopes she’ll be walking down the aisle with her virginity intact. If she can walk at all.

Miley Helps Daddy
Blurb: Look inside to see a young eighteen-year-old Miley provide special help to the man of the house by surrendering her virgin body.

Nola’s Gift
Blurb: In this Taboo Erotic tale, 18-year-old Nola gives the Man of the House an unexpected precious gift.

A Birthday Surprise
Look inside to see a young nineteen year old woman get the biggest Birthday Surprise of her life, a surprise that is too hot and sexy for a simple excerpt of this book.

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