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3 Novels by Brian West
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Overview: A gay romance and erotica storyteller, Brian West enjoys writing a range of gay fiction, from dirty short stories that ignite a flame to novellas that warm the heart. In Brian’s growing collection at Dirtyhunk Books, you will find plenty of stories to devour, as well as stunning male characters to fall in love with. From successful businessmen to rugged cowboys to sexy college guys, the men appearing in the pages of Brian’s books will keep you up all night!
Genre: Erotic Romance MM

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Taken by the Groomsman: Riley has always admired Jackson, his sister’s macho fiancé. And now that the wedding is around the corner, Riley has been spending plenty of time with Jackson and his buddies. From the bachelor party to dress rehearsals and cocktail parties – it has been non-stop wedding action and Riley could not be happier! As it turns out, Jackson’s buddies are the hottest bunch of guys he has ever met and even though they are single and clearly into women, there is one guy in the bunch who seems to have a wandering eye. That guy is dark-haired, hunky Italian stud, Alberto. He is macho, muscled and the sort of guy who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Riley… In his hotel room… All spread apart.

The Locker Room: Aaron Westcott is something of a celebrity on campus. Being the prized Quarterback on his college football team, he’s certainly a star. But, there’s more to Aaron than just football. He hails from a prestigious American family, the Westcotts, which is what accounts for the extra edge he enjoys in life. Like all other Westcott men, his stunning looks and impressive pedigree puts him miles ahead of everyone else. Fair or not, everybody wants a piece of Aaron Westcott. By all accounts, Aaron’s considered to be a ladies man – God only knows, every girl on campus has her eye on him – but in reality, Aaron secretly desires to be with guys. Sure, he enjoys being with girls, but having sex with guys is what he really looks forward to!
When Aaron runs into Eric one day in the locker room, he finds himself instantly drawn to the guy. Being straight and macho, Eric comes off as uninterested at first, but after some small talk, the sexy stud starts to open up. Aaron soon learns that Eric’s got a little fantasy that needs some attention… Eric wants to go down on another dude and Aaron’s perfectly willing to let him live out his fantasy, but on one condition: that Eric agrees to do more than just oral sex. Reluctantly, Eric lets Aaron have his way and soon enough, Aaron is showing him things that he never imagined he’d ever feel.
Be a fly on the wall and check out what really goes on in the locker room!

Paying the Mechanic’s Bill: Noah’s got a few problems to deal with: he has lost his job, he’s broke and he’s got a bill with the mechanic that needs to be paid. He needs his car to find a new job, but Dexter, the hunky mechanic won’t release his car until the bill’s paid in full. It’s a problem Noah’s not sure how to solve… That is until Dexter offers to tear up the bill in exchange for some hot oral sex. Fortunately, Dexter’s a major babe and Noah’s into him. When they head over to his spare garage, Noah finds out just how hot Dexter really is!

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