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3 Lesbian Romances by Georgia Beers
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Overview: Lambda and Golden Crown Literary Award-winning author Georgia Beers lives in Rochester, New York. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and published her first lesbian novel in 2000.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > GLBT > Lesbian

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96 Hours (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Erica Ryan is flying home from London after a disastrous business trip. Free spirit Abby Hayes is flying into New York City to visit her mother before jetting off again. Both end up in Gander, Canada, when their flight is diverted because of 9/11. For ninety-six hours they share a rollercoaster of emotions and find themselves drawn to one another. Will their nascent connection survive everyday life when they return home?

Finding Home (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

"You’re getting rigid and predictable." Sarah Buchanan would never have used those words to describe herself in a million years. Never. But it’s been almost a year since her long-time girlfriend left her for a man and she’s suddenly realized that those words now describe her with frightening accuracy, along with one more: boring. Deciding it’s time to escape her disaster of a life, at least long enough to turn it around, she takes a temporary position with her company overseas. The hardest part is leaving her blue-eyed dog, Bentley, but at least he’s in the capable hands of her family. She thinks. Natalie Fox is the exact opposite of Sarah. She’s flighty, spontaneous, and lives in The Now. It’s the way her parents raised her and for better or worse, Natalie loves her carefree life. When she finds a stray, skinny, terrified dog with blue eyes outside the bakery and decides to adopt him as her own, things seem just about perfect to her. Take two stubborn, polar opposites with an attraction for one another they’re trying desperately to ignore; throw in a couple of wise Italians, a handful of quirky friends, some homemade cannoli, and a far-too-observant dog; stir vigorously, then sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Thy Neighbor’s Wife (.PDF)

The story centres around the blossoming friendship between two women from completely different backgrounds, Alex & Jennifer, who meet at the lakeside which both their homes front on to. Alex lives there with her dog and is spending the summer writing a novel. Jennifer, who is very wealthy, has bought their lakeside retreat with her husband and is planning to spend the summer there decorating the place.

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