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3 FF Novels by Maria Jackson
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Overview: Maria Jackson has loved writing ever since she was old enough to pick up a pen. These days, she focuses on F/F romance novels that leave the reader smiling and saying "aww." Other than books, she enjoys cats, dogs, and te
Genre: Fiction > Romance FF


Come Back To Me
After selling a successful start-up, Robyn comes home to search for a purpose in life. A chance encounter with her older sister’s best friend leaves her speechless. Back in high school, Callie was a million times cooler than Robyn could ever hope to be. So why does she suddenly want to hang out with Robyn?
Callie’s left behind her guitar-playing days, and the lifestyle that went along with them. These days, she spends all her free time with her energetic puppy. When she runs into Robyn, she’s instantly drawn to her changed, confident new self. And although Callie always thought she was straight, Robyn is… hot?
As the two women spend time together, Robyn’s years-old crush intensifies – and Callie’s certainty about her orientation falters. But if they admit their feelings for each other, will the present be able to overshadow their past?

Fake Brides
Gloria is a kind and capable caregiver – and an illegal immigrant from Canada. When the U.S. government finds out her visa’s expired, she fears she’ll have to leave the adorable nine-year-old she nannies – as well as her beautiful single mother.
Although Claire’s a successful businesswoman, her daughter comes first. The little girl adores her nanny, and Claire doesn’t want to shake up her life again – so Claire comes up with a daring plan to keep Gloria in the country. The proposal has nothing to do with the attraction Claire’s always felt for her employee.
As Gloria and Claire strive to portray a realistic relationship, both of them fight their growing feelings. Could these fake brides become real lovers?

The Bachelorettes
When Claudia goes on a reality show where she’ll be alone in a cabin for three months, she assumes she’ll have no problem winning the cash prize. As a studious introvert, isolation will be a piece of cake. Except when she arrives, another girl is already there. Miriam is arrogant and flirtatious – and completely captivating.
Miriam is also surprised to have company in the cabin, but for her, it’s a plus. Claudia is just the kind of smart, beautiful girl that turns her on. They’ll lose the game if they fall in love – no problem. They’ll be thrown off the show if they even touch – now there’s a problem.
Claudia can barely stand Miriam, and Miriam only wants to seduce Claudia. Will they hate each other by the end of the filming? Or will they end up breaking all the rules?

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