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3 Books by Artemis Wolffe
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Overview: Artemis Wolffe has always been fascinated by strong men, alpha personalities, and hot encounters. Being born in hills of Appalachia, he knows his way around panthers, bears, and wolves.
While he loves to write about his deepest desires, he is at heart, a romantic. There may be beastly men in his tales, but they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it with style and grace.
Genre:Romance MM


Snow Leopard Bound
Brock’s a Snow Leopard. Chance is dying.
The vow of celibacy Brock took seems like a terrible idea once he meets Chance, the man who has nothing left to lose, his future measured in weeks and months, not years. While their first meeting sends sparks flying, the real question for these two fated mates, is to what end?
The slow, methodical building process that Brock wanted to take doesn’t have room for Chance within it. He wasn’t ready for the fast-track option that Chance presents, but he can’t say no to the one he loves, for at least the one he wanted to spend a lifetime with was firmly within his cross-hairs.
But whose lifetime?
It would take a miracle for the two lovers to find their happily ever after. But is there one to be had?

Bearly Mine
Cameron Parker and Lucas Grayson were inseparable best friends that shared everything together, until the summer they explored their harbored feelings for each other caused a separation spanning hundreds of miles
Now, fifteen years later, the death of a friend brings thirty year old Cameron back to his hometown, but coming face to face with Lucas after their parents tore them apart, wasn’t what he was expecting and following their brief rendezvous, he realizes he can’t live without him and what follows is a forbidden romance of love, longing and hurt that ignites danger and hatred within their small community.
For Lucas, ever since the bear inside him matured, he’s been ready to serve his kind and marry the woman chosen for him, but he hadn’t planned on the one person he’d ever loved walking back into his life, only, things are different now. He’s not the human that Cameron left behind and keeping the bear hidden proves to be harder than he thought, especially when the person you’re hiding it from is someone you can’t give up.
After things build up to a dangerous climax, Cameron finds out his life has changed forever, but is Lucas is responsible and is it enough to keep them together or will the explanation and revelation completely destroy everything they worked so hard to rebuild?

Shock Home Syndrome
Benjamin Shock has known for a long time now that he needed to set out and build a better life for himself. It was all planned, until something unexpected happened. When his abusive factory-worker father remarried, Ben all of a sudden realized that he had to expand his plans to include another.
Chris “Topher” Mason looked up to his stepbrother. Whenever their parents fought, it was Ben who came to help the younger brother relax and forget about it. But when Ben leaves without an explanation or note one day, Chris is stuck in the middle of everything, with no way out. He can’t get his stepbrother off his mind. So when he wakes up in a cabin one day and the first face he sees is his stepbrother’s, Chris can barely believe it.
Benjamin has been preparing for this day for six months, so that he can make the perfect life for him and Chris. Will he be able to convince his stepbrother that what they’re feeling is okay? Or will he find out that Chris has been hiding something from him all along as well?

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