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21 Sci-Fi Books by Mack Reynolds
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Overview: Dallas McCord "Mack" Reynolds was an American science fiction writer. His pen names included Clark Collins, Mark Mallory, Guy McCord, Dallas Ross and Maxine Reynolds. Many of his stories were published in "Galaxy Magazine" and "Worlds of If Magazine". He was quite popular in the 1960s, but most of his work subsequently went out of print.
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Ability Quotient
When the Asian Wars were over Major Bert Alshuler had few prospects, until Mid-West University asked him to take part in an "educational experiment" that would test the effect of certain drugs on his I.Q. The project was top secret, but it looked like an easy way to make money and get an education, so Bert saw no reason to worry – until his girlfriend was kidnapped…and someone tried to kill him.
And then he discovered just what the drugs were doing to him – he was more than an educational experiment…HE WAS THE FIRST MAN OF THE NEW HUMAN RACE.

After Utopia
It is the far future. Earth is a beautifully planned, efficiently run and happily united. But still it is a world with problems- people have become so lazy, so self-satisfied, that human progress has all but ceased. Addicts of the newly-developed "programmed dreams" are increasing at an enormous rate. Only a few individuals realize that the human race is destroying itself. This book is about what those few people do.

Day after Tomorrow
The time is the future. The government is a corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy, mainly concerned with protecting the profits of large corporations. The Movement is a new and non-violent revolutionary group seeking to replace the political mess with a just and scientifically efficient socioeconomic system.
The Movement was staffed by some of the world’s greatest intellectuals and scientists; unfortunately, they were amateurs in the business of revolution. The government could call on an army of ruthless professional agents – and they had no scruples about using violence.

Depression or Bust and Dawnman Planet
The two complete novels presented in this book are typical examples of Mack Reynolds’ exceptional talents. Dawnman Planet is a classic interplanetary adventure of the United Planets Organization, a popular feature of many of Reynolds’ novels, and its attempts to prevent a power hungry madman and an advanced alien intelligence from conquering the galaxy. And Depression Or Bust, a novel making its first paperback appearance, is a biting but insightful satire on the political chaos resulting from an economic collapse that sweeps the United States of the future.

Earth Unaware
Ezekiel Joshua Tubber exploded onto the consciouness of the world with the force of an atom bomb. A self-proclaimed prophet, Tubber, accompanied by his sexy young daughter, struck terror into the hearts of the Establishment with his uncanny power to influence mankind by a form of mass telepathy that appeared irresistible.
When Tubber managed to convince a complacent technological society to give up its TV sets, its radios and movies, he unleashed a reaction that only the forces from above could resolve!

What was the secret of San Raphael? It held too many faces from the past. Alex Germain recognized a former lover..then a noted intellectual..and a handsome, courtly Italian. All as young, as vital, as when Alex had first met them–decades earlier. Alex demanded the truth..but he had nothing to do with the murders that began to strike San Raphael. Suddenly the little Mexican village crackled with violence. Battle had been joined. To the losers: nothing but death. To the winners: eternity

His assignment was to get things done; he definitely did so. Not quite the things intended, perhaps, but definitely done. A classic SF tale, edited by John W. Campbell, Jr. for Analog Science Fact & Fiction, May 1963.

Galactic Medal of Honor
THE GALACTIC MEDAL OF HONOR was the most important, the most coveted award of all time. It was given only to a handful of the bravest and most self-sacraficing of those defending earth from the mysterious alien invaders that had appeared fifty years before. It was almost always given posthumously.
The Bearer of this medal became the idol of all mankind, would never want for any necessity or luxury — would never want for anything.
Everyone on Earth sought that medal….One man was going to cheat to win it — and live to regret it.

Home Sweet Home 2010 A. D.
Driven from their ancestral lands when the U.S. discovered uranium there, the Apaches declared war–even though it meant facing the overpowering might of the U.S. Army. Washington had trouble already in New Mexico. Ross Prager, charismatic head of the vocal Posterity Party, was in hiding there, lying low while the government tried to bury his reforms–and Ross. Tough luck for both causes? Only until Prager and the Apaches joined forces. And when they brought in the unstoppable Chutzba family–Franny, Sweet Alice, and all–Washington panicked.

Medal of Honor
"Lieutenant, how would you like to capture a Miro class cruiser?"
Don laughed nervously. He said, "We’ve never captured a Kraden ship intact. — A One Man Scout against a Miro class cruiser?"
Demming grunted. "If we could arrange for you to capture such a vessel, there would be little doubt of you getting the Galactic Medal of Honor, Lieutenant."
Don said, "Why? And why me, and what’s your percentage?"
"Lieutenant Mathers," Rostoff said patiently, "the bearer of the Galactic Medal of Honor is above law. He carries with him an unalienable prestige of such magnitude that . . ."
Demming grunted. "Believe me, Lieutenant Mathers, there are an incredible number of laws which have accumulated down through the centuries to hamper the business man. It is a continual fight to be able to carry on at all. The ability to do no legal wrong would be priceless in the development of a new frontier." He sighed again, so deeply as to make his bulk quiver. "Priceless."

Once Departed
When the world’s ace secret agents crash a party in Spain, they’re onto something monstrous. . .an ominous threat to world peace. . .It looked like a Convention of Secret Agents, thought the famous columnist Quentin Jones. Not one of them had been invited to the party of the distinguished Hungarian scientist. The Hungarian was known for advocating World Government. . .and for grafting a second head on a dog. . .but Quentin Jones suspected him of far more chilling experiements. Quentin runs up against former Nazi war criminals. . .and a series of weird murders that lead straight to. . .him.

Perchance to Dream
It looked remarkably like a sterile, cold metallic coffin. It was the Intuitive Computer, a fantastic invention that would allow a user to assume the identity of any historical figure – Napoleon, Cleopatra, Hitler – anyone who ever existed. The possessor of this top-secret device would be able to witness the building of the pyramids, the crucifixion, the discovery of America. The Intuitive Computer would revolutionize the studies of history, archaeology, anthropology; it would eventually revolutionize the entire entertainment and leisure industry. The lives of every person on Earth would be changed because of it. IT WAS PROBABLY THE MOST DANGEROUS INVENTION IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE.

Police Patrol: 2000 A.D.
Mack Reynolds has always been admired for his ability to portray the world of the future in its varied aspects – social, political, scientific and economic. Now, he presents his readers with an imaginative and action-packed look into the everyday life of a twenty-first century policeman.

"For some forty years critics of the U.S.S.R. have been desiring, predicting, not to mention praying for, its collapse," says Mack Reynolds in this story’s preface. "For twenty of these years the author of this story has vaguely wondered what would replace the collapsed Soviet system. A return to Czarism? Oh, come now! Capitalism as we know it today in the advanced Western countries?" "Oh, if he’d only seen!, " we find ourselves thinking. Still, Reynolds has seen something, and he has a lot to say about it. See for yourself!

Space Visitor
It is sometime in the near future. . . The nations of Earth have drawn closer together – there is even hope that a new era of cooperation and progress will soon begin.
These dreams of lasting peace are shattered by one momentous discovery. One of the members of an international team of scientists stationed on the moon has found an alien spacecraft – with all its incredible technology and weaponry intact. The discovery shatters the illusion of peace on Earth, as each nation joins the mad scramble to learn the terrible secrets entombed by alien visitors eons before.

The Common Man
It would, of course, take a trio of Ivory Tower scientists to conceive of tracking down that statistical entity, the Common Man, and testing out an idea on him. And only the Ivory Tower type would predict that egregiously wrongly! Dallas McCord "Mack" Reynolds was an American science fiction writer who wrote under the pen names Dallas Ross, Mark Mallory, Clark Collins, Dallas Rose, Guy McCord, Maxine Reynolds, Bob Belmont, and Todd Harding. His works include a focus on socioeconomic speculation, usually expressed in explorations of Utopian societies.
Classic work by the first author to write an original novel based on the Star Trek series (the novel was "Mission to Horatius")

The Cosmic Eye
Morris should have functioned perfectly in the rigid totalitarian society of the future where every thought, evey word, every action was controlled by the superstate. A state where everyone was watched night and day by the Great Eye of the internal security forces,
It was a strange, in many ways inhuman world, but the rewards were great for those who belonged to the right caste.
Morris belonged to the master class which ruled the entire world by brain power or brutality depending on which was needed. Morris was born right at the top – he had everything the Technate Society could provide – and yet he didn’t belong.
Nonconformity could mena liquidation, but he was prepared to take the risk.

The Space Barbarians
John of the Hawks was a proud, young man, proud of his people, proud of his heritage, and proud of his ability to count coup on his clann’s traditional enemies. He knew what was right and what was wrong – the four great books had laid down the way things had to be.
Which is why the uncouth ways of the clannless drifters from space outraged him so. Not only did these peddlers know nothing of the finesse of proper combat, they knew nothing of the respect due to such things as the coup stick, the right way to capture a wife, and the sanctity of the clann’s elders.
Worse still, they had some idiotic notion that that cheap silvery metal so commonly used for plumbing and horse-bits, known as platinum, was somehow of special merit.
Well, one could excuse an outrage or two on the grounds of ignorance, but there came a time when any good clannsman, such as John certainly was, must decide to teach these barbarians from space a lesson!

Tomorrow Might Be Different
What would the world be like if the Russians discovered how to beat us at our own capitalistic game, and began dumping inexpensive, quality goods on the world market? In this brand new novel, Mack Reynolds deposits us into just such a future. It is a world where America is rapidly being turned into a second-rate power as its industries go bankrupt. A world that is falling under the wheels of the Soviet juggernaut, peacefully and passively. It is a world where the U.S. has only one way to retaliate – by bringing a little religion into the Soviet Union a very special religion

Trample an Empire Down
They had a Guaranteed Annual Income and an automated world where no one had to work – but there was nothing to do!
When Morris and his friends ran out of beer, there was only one alternative – they decided to overthrow the government!

Ultima Thule
Ronny Bronston has dreamed all his life of getting a United Planets job that would take him off-world. He finally gets the opportunity when he is given a provisional assignment with Bureau of Investigation, Section G. But will he be able to complete his assignment and find the elusive Tommy Paine?

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