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2 Novels by Robert McCracken
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Overview: Robert McCracken has a PhD in Food Chemistry and has worked for thirty years in research and development relating to issues of global food safety. He has published many papers in scientific journals, and acted as both peer reviewer and editor. His other books include An Early Grave and Lethal Dose
Genre: Mystery Thriller

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Marriage is Murder: When Charlie Geddis’s wife Barbara chucks him out, he’s more than happy to leave…
But it turns out that bachelor life is not what it is cracked up to be, and soon he yearns for the life he once wanted to flee.
But things have changed, as Charlie discovers when he lets himself into his former home and is confronted by a tall, naked man.
Malcolm Palmer is a rich, charismatic, successful businessman – all the things Charlie is not.
As his reporting career at local paper The Explorer hits the skids, he turns to drink.
Then one day, Malcolm suggests they talk man to man.
He offers Charlie a sum of money for his house, more than it is worth, claiming he and Barbara want to be fair to Charlie.
But Charlie will not let his family home go so easily. And he smells a rat, for property in the Irish town of Ballymenace is not sought-after.
Walking drunkenly home from the meeting, he sees men in balaclavas club a red headed man, and throw him into the pond. But when nobody is found, Charlie’s not sure if he saw it, or dreamed it.
Of course, that doesn’t stop him writing about it, which infuriates his editor and mate Trevor to no end.
Things are looking bad for poor Charlie, when the red headed man falls out of his wardrobe, and onto his bedroom floor.
But Charlie won’t give up, as he thinks the secret to getting Barbara back is to expose Malcolm’s plan to ruin Ballymenace by building a new, modern town.
Soon Charlie is being tied up naked to his co-worker, Jill, who has never been his biggest fan, attacked by a thug undergoing a sex change, and then, just when things are good and crazy, Ireland’s own U2 shows up.
With all the humour of Marian Keyes, Marriage Is Murder will have you laughing and crying for poor Charlie Geddis in equal measures.

Lethal Dose: Things are never what they seem…
A young Belfast man brags about how he selected his most recent mark – he stalks, abducts, drugs and then kills her before hiding the body out at sea.
The perfect crime all spelt out in clinical detail.
At the same time, across the Irish Sea in Liverpool, Detective Inspector Tara Grogan of Merseyside Police is called out to a gruesome murder scene on Crosby Beach.
The castrated body of a man – an investigative journalist – has been found half-buried head first in the sand.
Did the victim, who earned a reputation for hounding drug-dealers, dodgy property developers and corrupt councillors, make enemies brutal enough to prompt a gang-style execution?
Could it be possible that these horrific events are somehow linked?
The parallel lives of a sex-crazed psychopath and a pretty, intelligent young police inspector go about their daily lives, unaware that they are destined to collide.
More pretty young girls – in London, Manchester and Liverpool – have mysteriously disappeared as their killer delights in telling.
And another frenzied murder on Merseyside envelops DI Grogan in an increasingly labyrinthine investigation when she discovers that the dead journalist’s sister could be one of the missing.
In a thrilling climax, DI Grogan’s instincts are put to the ultimate test after dating a persistent admirer she senses is not quite right.
Lethal Dose is a gripping and uncompromising crime thriller in which a series of unspeakable crimes unfold in parallel. McCracken ramps up the suspense as two paths close to a point where one must surely disappear…

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