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2 Novels by Mia Archer
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Overview: Hi! My name’s Mia and I’m a writer of lesbian romance books that usually have a slightly geeky theme to them. I hope you have as much fun reading my books as I do writing them!
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy | FF

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I’m Not A Hero!
Night Terror, the greatest villain Starlight City has ever known, is having a bad day.

Her super powered girlfriend? Shoved through a portal and stranded on a strange and dangerous alien world.

Her archnemesis? Dead of an unfortunate torture accident. Before she could tell Night Terror how to reach that strange and dangerous alien world to mount a rescue mission.

Her city? Under attack by a race of parasitic alien worms pulling an invasion of the body snatchers with the local cat population in a nefarious but adorable plot to conquer the world!

Yeah, that’s not happening on her home turf. The only problem? The more she brings the fight to ET the more heroic she looks!

It turns out it’s hard to maintain villain cred while flying around the city saving the day. Even if it is saving the day in the name of beating the crap out of an enemy trying to muscle in on her territory!

Searching for her lost girlfriend. Saving the world from the cutest alien invasion ever. Trying to maintain a nefarious image despite repeatedly getting caught in heroic photo ops. No one ever said being a villain would be easy!

A Date With Death
Defeat an evil necromancer. Save the school. Get the girl.

As if senior year wasn’t already complicated enough! I just wanted to keep my head down, hang out with friends, prep for college, and worship Stacy Thompson from afar. Was that too much to ask?

I guess, because I got distracted by Stacy heading to cheer practice in a pair of impossibly tight shorts and stepped in front of a bus. That’s right. I died on the first day of school.


Dying wasn’t the bad part. Not really. I’d died before, and I always bounced back. Call it a perk of being a reaper’s daughter. Only with this death I learned the terrible awesome truth: I keep bouncing back because I’m destined to become a reaper just like dear old dad!

That’s right. Me. A reaper. Complete with black robes and a scythe. The whole shebang. Yeah, right!

I figured with enough time I could avoid my fate. Only fate came looking for me when I followed Stacy, and her impossibly tight shorts, up to the infamous Thompson mansion. A haunted mansion that was once the haunt of an evil necromancer who sent his fair share of people to the other side, and was now a favorite makeout spot for teens with more hormones than sense.

Go to a makeout spot with Stacy? Yes please. Even if we were going with a group of friends. Even if the whole almost-date was ruined by a necromancer who should totally be long dead showing up, killing my friends, stealing their souls, and enslaving their bodies into his undead army!

Now I’m stuck with a ghost cheerleader who spends half her time acting like she’s interested in yours truly and half her time demanding I get her body back. Talk about confusing. Meanwhile I have to hide her existence from dear old dad so he doesn’t drag her to the other side, all while trying to figure out how to defeat an evil necromancer before he unleashes his undead minions on the world!

Call me the Gwen Reaper, because it’s time to kick some necromancer butt and save the girl!

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I’m Not A Hero!

A Date With Death

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