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2 Books by Rachel Kramer Bussel
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Overview: About Rachel Kramer Bussel : I’ve edited over 60 sexy anthologies. My favorites are Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories, The Big Book of Orgasms, Fast Girls, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories, Spanked and BDSM books Please, Sir and Please, Ma’am! My mission is to tell powerful stories, including fiction, journalism and personal essays, and encourage others to get their words on the page and into the world.
Genre: Erotica, Romance

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1. Yes, Ma’am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission
Experience the thrill of submission to the woman who dominates you day and night. In this collection, naughty boys get what’s coming to them from wicked wives and stern mistresses. From a naked party plaything at the mercy of a room full of powerful women to being tied up and shown how to truly please the woman of your dreams, these men get fully teased and taunted, receiving the punishments they truly deserve and crave. Featuring stories from Alison Tyler, Debra Hyde and Ellen Tevault, Yes, Ma’am gives a whole new meaning to "mean girls," one that will be sure to delight and arouse you.

2. Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women
Obsessed is not about obsession for a new purse or a new car. Instead, these stories sizzle with the kind of obsession that is fueled by our deepest desires, the ones that hold couples together, the ones that haunt us and don’t let go. Whether just-blooming passions, rekindled sparks, or reinvented relationships, these lovers put the object of their obsession first. From the almost-divorced couple in “Aftershocks,” by Bella Andre, who finally confess their deepest desires during an earthquake, to a woman who confesses to her boyfriend just how much she lusts after another man in Emerald’s "Then," these lovers push the boundaries of their relationship and the boundaries of their trust in each other. Obsessed lovers don’t always do what is rational; sometimes they chase their dreams, such as in Kayla Perrin’s “One Night in Paris,” across the world and across the landscape of their lovers’ bodies.

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