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2 Books by Kate Aeon
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Overview: Kate Aeon is the author of Midnight Rain, I See You, Last Girl Dancing, and Night Echoes, as well as several romantic short stories. Her current in-progress paranormal suspense romance is Dreaming The Dead, backburnered for some years as her career took a few odd turns, but now back on her list of books to be finished.
Genre: Romance


Midnight Rain – He swore he’d never let her go…
When Phoebe Rain’s monstrous ex-husband came after her with a shotgun, he did it in the school where she was teaching—and though she stopped him, she didn’t do it fast enough. Tragedy ensued.
Now, a thousand miles away and still in the coma she put him in, her ex starts calling her, promising that he’s coming to finish what he started…and everything inside her insists he’s telling the truth. Her next-door neighbor, Alan MacKerrie, doesn’t quite believe her, but he’s getting otherworldly warnings that her nightmare is no dream.
Torn between terrifying reality and the desperate passion she shares with Alan, the only thing Phoebe knows for sure is that escape is not an option.

Last Girl Dancing – The Cop Has a Secret…
Getting through the interview is bad enough, but when Detective Jess Brubaker discovers that her temporary assignment to her dream job includes being saddled with a psychic, she almost walks out the door.But she has reasons for staying, reasons she’s keeping to herself. And to get to work in the Atlanta PD’s Special Crimes Unit—to get to be on THIS case—she’d partner with the devil himself.
The Psychic Has a Past…
Ex-Ranger Hank Kamian lost everything that ever mattered to him when he took a grenade to the chest and face. After years of recovering, he’s managed to rebuild most of his life. He even does the occasional psychic gig for the Atlanta PD.But now the cops want him to work with his greatest anguish made flesh. He distrusts Jess on first sight.
The Case Is A Nightmare…
Young exotic dancers are being murdered, their bodies displayed after death in staged public scenes. The murders take Jess back to the darkest time in her life, to the secret no one knows about her. To the loss of her dreams, her career, her family.
The cases are linked to important men in high places—and if Jess wants to solve them, she’s going to have to step into a world she abandoned, trust the man she dares not trust, and dance on the stage with Death.

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Midnight Rain

Last Girl Dancing

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