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2 Books by Joaquin Milhovich
Requirements: ePUB Reader 1.1MB/342 KB
Overview: Contains Steamy MPreg Dragon Shifter Romance That Leaves Very Little To The Imagination
Genre: Romance MM Paranormal

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The Prince of Flames: The dragon community has been living in hiding for years, confined to the solitude of the woodlands.
Sam had spent his entire life dreaming about leaving the forest. He spent most of his childhood playing close to the glamour line in the hopes of seeing a human or two, so when the grandfather of the forest claims that it’s time for them to step back out into the world, Sam is the first person to volunteer.
Amidst the celebrations he receives a warning, a warning that becomes only too real when his sister is kidnapped. He knows that he must go after her, but what will he find and does it mean that the humans are still trying to kill them?

A Cowboy’s Curiosity: Ethan is your average college girl, leading an average city life.
In a fit of rebellion against his strict parents, he accepts the scholarship offered by a small Texas college, eager to put as much distance between him and his family as possible. He knows he needs to learn to live and home is not the place for that.
Every life change can be difficult, but when the change you thought would bring you freedom throws you into the lion’s den, you have no choice but to put up a fight.
Especially if you are a perfectionist, like Ethan.
It turns out that love is tougher than he imagined. Caught between a strange new feeling and dreams of becoming a doctor, Ethan has to make a tough choice.
Will he be able to give up Ridley? Or will he chose to leave his the future he had dreamed for himself behind?
The price of happiness is high… Can Ethan afford it?

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