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2 books by Jenny Robson
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Overview: Jenny Robson was born in Cape Town. After studying Primary School Teaching in Mowbray and obtaining a degree in Philosophy through the University of South Africa, she worked as a teacher in Simonstown before going to Botswana, where she worked as a music teacher in Orapa for many years. She currently teaches at an International School in the town of Maun, on the banks of the Okavango. She did not start writing until the age of 38. To date she has published more than thirty books for children and young adults, as well as a novel for adults and numerous short stories. Her texts depict South African teenagers with their dreams, their fears, their hopes and their problems, resembling those experienced by young people outside of the African continent.
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction

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Back to Villa Park
This is a sensitive story about a young white boy in Johannesburg and his hopes and dreams. It is about tragedy, affirmative action, depression and prejudice. Dirk, the main protagonist suffers hardship and loneliness but eventually comes to realise that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and without prejudice. Robson writes with her usual empathy and understanding, and her characters are well-defined and credible.

Monday Evening, Thursday Afternoon
Set in the fictional town of Gap Falls, where two young girls, Louise van Rensburg and Faheema Majiet, have become best friends despite their very different backgrounds. But cataclysmic events far beyond South Africa’s borders (bombings on the London Underground and an insensitive cartoon portrayal of the prophet Mohammed) serve to drive a wedge between them. When their respective families prohibit their friendship, they realise it is up to them to find a way to restore their relationship and to convince the adults of their deep emotional bond.

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