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10,000 Miles for Love: Turn Long-Distance Relationships into Long-Lasting Love by Milena Nguyen
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Overview: You are together with the most wonderful person – with eyes so deep you tumble into them, and an electric touch that sends goosebumps across your skin. However, there is just one little problem…

This person lives in an entirely different part of the world from you.
This could be another city, another country, or even another continent.

You are up at weird hours of the night trying to calculate time zone differences hoping the internet sharks do not break your Skype connection, and somewhere along the line, the sparks began to fizzle. You want to make it work, but is all this trouble worth it?

In this practical and soulful guidebook, Milena Nguyen – the "LDR guru" with nine years of first-hand long-distance relationship experience – will help you not only survive but thrive in your long-distance romantic relationship (LDR).
Genre: Non Fiction Self Help Relationships


Vietnam-born, Singapore-based, Milena is married to her Brazilian soulmate. Their long-distance love story went viral in 2015, inspiring over 300,000 lovers around the world.

As a wife, relationship coach, and an empowered woman who spoke three times on the TEDx stage, Milena has implemented every advice she writes for herself and in her long-distance relationship.

In this book, you will find:
– Real stories that touch your heart and help you believe in love
– Inspiration to overcome all challenges and to create your dream relationship despite the distance
– Insights on how to transform your relationship from distance to closeness, loneliness to connection, and uncertainty to confidence.
– Step-by-step guides on the key topics you will face in your long-distance love: online communication, traveling, keeping it fun, relocation, parents, sex and intimacy, cheating, building a team, and much more.

No matter how much doubt you have about your long-distance relationship, how daunting the distance may feel, or how many miles are between you and your partner — know that by following the guidance of 10,000 Miles for Love, you can make your relationship work.

Your long-distance love story deserves a happy ending, but you must be the one who writes it. The time to start is now.

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