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10 Novels by Desiree Day
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Overview: Desiree Day has worked in the banking, telecommunication, and information technologies industries, as well as in academia. Her fiction has appeared in Woman’s World and on the Internet. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
Genre: Romance, Erotica, Interracial


#1: Chubby Chicks Rule
Jessica’s life looks perfect, her parents are millionaires, she has more material possessions than the Olsen twins, but all she wants is to be treated like a regular teenager. After years of attending a private school, she decides to follow her best friend to a public school where she feels she made the worst decision of her life. Because of her weight and her wardrobe she has a hard time fitting in. She is constantly bullied by her classmates.
Jessica enters school feeling like an ugly duckling amidst cover model looking girls.
The two bright spots are her sassy best friend, Samantha and her good friend, Matt, who becomes her boyfriend.
All three of them are overweight and are not only drawn together because of their weight but because they genuinely like each other.

#2: G-Strings, Thongs, Blogs, Oh My!
Garrett Henlon is a world famous blogger who posts his sexual trysts for the world to see. He’s a self-absorbed womanizer. In a case of mistaken identity he crosses paths with Jada Lowry, a laid back, job hopping, beautiful woman. Jada succumbs to Garrett’s charm and they end up spending two passion drenched days together.
But unbeknownst to Jada, her good friend Devon McCall is in love with her, but he’s in a complicated relationship and doesn’t know how to get out of it.
Geneva Forbes is in a committed relationship with Amber, but Amber doesn’t know that Geneva is having multiple affairs with men and women.
In this passion filled novella, Garrett, Jada, Geneva and Devon take the readers on an erotic adventure.

#3: One Toe Out
When J.T. Morrison, a gay quarterback for the Atlanta Jaguars, is almost outed, he does something so crazy to protect his secret, that it might work. Marcella, his hard-nosed publicist orders him to find a wife…ASAP. Simone Saunders is the lucky lady. At twenty-eight-years-old, working as a waitress, and living with her mother, J.T. is about to introduce Simone to a life that she had only dreamt about. With the promise of an annual allowance of two million dollars, Simone enters the fake marriage with open eyes.J.T. and Simone soon learn that if something sounds too good to be true, more often than not, it probably is. Read One Toe Out and brace yourself for an explosive ending.

#4: I’m in Lust With A Stripper
With her wedding day just three weeks away, Bryce Lucas is getting cold feet.
During her bachelorette party, she becomes mesmerized with the stripper Donté, AKA, Sugah Cheeks. After he pulls her on stage and they perform an X-rated act in front of a screaming audience, the deal is sealed and Bryce is hooked. She can’t get him out of her system; she continues seeing him after she gets married.
Months deep into the affair, Bryce’s life takes a turn and many things are revealed that blows her away and leaves her questioning her judgment.

#5: Smouldering Desire
Ten years ago, Shepherd Pushing walked in on her boyfriend, Devin Toole, cheating on her with another girl and she dumps him faster than a pair of counterfeit Louboutins.
Fast forward ten years when their mutual friends are getting married and both of them are in the wedding party; unfortunately the wedding will take place during a seven-day cruise.
Even though she won’t admit it to her friends, Shepherd is excited to see Devin. She has yet to meet a man who makes her feel the way Devin did.After years of dating women who never sparked his interest, Devin realizes that he still cares for Shepherd. He has seven days to convince Shepherd that he’s not the man who cheated on her and would like to rekindle their romance.Will Devin and Shepherd reunite or will they realize that their college romance was just a magical time in their lives and move on?

#6: Diluted Desire
When Violet Murphy suspects her husband of seven years is cheating, she takes matters into her own hands and devises a plot to catch him red handed.
Violet places the following posting on the Internet:
Beautiful Lady Needed to Seduce my Husband
I need your help, my husband is cheating on me; but I can’t catch his lying behind. I am looking for a beautiful lady to seduce him. You must be willing to sleep with him and take pictures or videos of your lovemaking. The lucky lady will be compensated for clothing, travel and food. You must be available 24/7, no exceptions. If you think you are a seductress and can get my husband into bed, please contact me. Please send me full body shots of you clothed and unclothed, no picture no reply.Will the posting harm or strengthen Violet’s marriage? Will the players realize that by engaging in a deadly game of the heart there is bound to be some casualties?

#7: This Isn’t Barbie’s Dream House
An avid Barbie doll lover and collector, Sawyer thought she had found her Ken when she married Walt, but she soon discovers that her new husband avoids sex as though it’s the plague.
Sexually frustrated, Sawyer finds herself attracted to a White man, something that has never happened to her before. Zac, her blond, blue-eyed, co-worker, takes her on a sexual voyage, something that no man has ever done before.
Soon Sawyer is wondering if Zac is her true Ken and if she can finally have her Barbie Dream House.

#8: Saturday Love
Drew Atkins re-read the message for the fourth time.
You: sexy, statuesque, Black lady, wearing denim shorts, men’s suit jacket, pink camisole, a straw fedora and four-inch sandals. You were strutting through the Target parking lot yesterday. You looked so hot!
Me: A twenty-five-year-old White man, with blond hair and green eyes. I’m six feet three, I work out a lot, I have a killer body. Please email me at
Can a lady find a man on Craigslist’s Missed Connections? Maybe, but she sure can find a lover. Drew and Braxton spend a Saturday learning and exploring each other’s bodies.

#9: Duplicity In Desire
Willow Hillsborough is an entertainment lawyer, living the fabulous life in Atlanta. After a disastrous evening, where her date preferred to troll the restaurant for clients than spend time with her, she decides to re-think the type of men she’s been dating. Her conclusion is to date men who aren’t so focused on their careers.
During her birthday celebration at a local day spa, she spots gorgeous Blake Barrington. Since he’s sweeping the floor, she automatically assumes that he’s the janitor. More nervous than a teenage girl on prom night, Willow does the exact opposite of what she’s done in the past and asks Blake out on a date.
Unbeknownst to Willow, sexy Blake Barrington is the owner of the spa, an entrepreneur, and is a self-made multi-millionaire, exactly the type of man Willow does not want to date.
After a whirlwind romance, Blake falls in love with Willow, then struggles to find the right time to expose the truth to her. But before he gets the opportunity to say something to Willow, he’s outed by a magazine article that he had done months ago.
Hurt by his betrayal, Willow promptly dumps him. Shortly after, Willow learns that she is pregnant and that Blake is the father.
Will Blake’s lies keep them apart or will Willow be able to forgive him?

#10: Chocolate & Pecan Swirl
Katrina Powell an African American and Monte Rivera a Puerto Rican were high school sweethearts. Their relationship came to an abrupt end when his mother got upset with him for dating a black girl. She gave him an ultimatum: Break up with Katrina or I will not give you money for college. Monte took the money.
Fifteen years later and one failed marriage under her belt, and a fiancée attached to his, Katrina and Monte run into each other and discover that not only is the passion and love still there, but it has intensified one hundred times over. They want to be together, but with Monte’s fiancée and his mother, it looks like they might not be able to reunite.

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