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World’s Scariest Places Volume 2 by Jeremy Bates (World’s Scariest Places #3-4)
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Overview: This Omnibus Edition Includes Books Three And Four In The Bestselling World’s Scariest Places Series, Helltown & Island of the Dolls.Jeremy Bates is a USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and novellas, which have been translated into several languages and downloaded more than one million times. He has won both an Australian Shadows Award and a Canadian Arthur Ellis Award. The novels in the “World’s Scariest Places” series are set in real locations, and so far include Suicide Forest in Japan, The Catacombs in Paris, Helltown in Ohio, and Island of the Dolls in Mexico.
Genre: Horror|Paranormal|Supernatural



Since the 1980s there have been numerous reports of occult activity and other possibly supernatural phenomenon within certain villages and townships of Summit County, Ohio – an area collectively known as Helltown.
When a group of out-out-town friends investigating the legends are driven off the road by a mysterious hearse, their night of cheap thrills turns to chills as they begin to die one by one.

Island of the Dolls
Deep within an ancient Aztec canal system on the outskirts of Mexico City lies Isla de las Munecas…a reportedly haunted island infested with thousands of decrepit dolls.
While there to film a television documentary, several friends discover a brutal murder. Soon fear and paranoia turn them against one another – even as the unknown killer stalks them throughout the longest night of their lives.

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