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Warrior Path by Katie Pottle (Cloud Lands Saga #2)
Requirements: Epub Reader, 564KB | Retail
Overview: For the first time in the history of the Cloud Lands, the Qualifiers for the Calvarian Games are open to second year high school students. Cadin and vivacious friends plan to give it their all to earn a spot for their team in the coveted Warrior Path Games. The young angels have a great deal to learn in a short amount of time to keep up with the older, more experienced competitors. Once their wings emerge, Cadin, Sun, Lep, Bart and Gur-the young rock dragon take their training to the sky.
The mysterious Tlalocs pose a looming threat to the Cloud Lands which plagues Cadin more than most. His journey to Air – a blue Aura cloud-land begins to reveal Cadin’s true inner strength. Is it enough to unit his team and take on his enemies? Journey back to Katie Pottle’s intricately created world that has delighted critics and readers alike.
Genre: Fantasy|Young Adult


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