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Wanderer of Rome by Ken Farmer
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Overview: Continuing historical fiction in the time of the Roman Republic after the conclusion of the Punic wars and the fall of Carthage.
Quintus, a Centurion Princeps with four Centuries (roughly 240 men) under his command, a four-year veteran, has survived the Punic wars and takes passage on a rather unseaworthy ship to Ostia. On board also, are twenty-three others, who arrived when the fighting was done, and therefore had no battle experience. Their ship was caught in high winds, lost her mast, and drifted until she beached gently onto the sand. The Capitaneus roughly calculated where they were and decided to walk east to the city of Sabratha (although I got a bit confused here, as he said Leptis is about a day’s walk easterly, and the next city to the west of comparable size is Sabratha). Two soldiers opt to go with the Capitaneus, while the others choose to go with Quintus. After marching west for about 30 miles/50 kilometres, they come across a small city and Quintus spins a story so that the city officials won’t realise they are a lone group. The city of Auziu offers hospitality, and the following day a conference is held between city officials and Quintus, in which he and his men are offered a goodly payment in return for their help in defending the city from brigands and roaming bands of Carthaginian guerrilla fighters. But all may not be what it seems.
Genre: General Fiction/Classics, Historical Fiction


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