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Versailles by Yannick Hill
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Overview: Welcome to Versailles, a sprawling mega-mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean and home to Silicon Valley royalty – the Baer family. The majority of rooms are locked, concealing the activities happening inside: actors playing out a simulated plane crash on loop; athletes convening for career-ending, bare-knuckle brawls; brief but satisfying encounters with beautiful strangers.
The operation is run by Casey Baer, founder and CEO of the internet’s pre-eminent social network, who uses his home as a test chamber for an ongoing investigation into the human experience. But although he captures and monitors every movement on the thousands of cameras rigged up throughout the mansion, how much does he really know about his family?
His wife Synthea roams the corridors in a drug-induced state, his son River spends his days in his cavernous bedroom dressed in a bear costume, pretending to be different people online, and then there’s Missy… beautiful Missy, princess of Versailles, who on the morning of her sixteenth birthday deletes her online profile and runs away from home.
Guided by an anonymous benefactor, she sets off on a journey – is she fleeing from something at home? Is she in search of a lost truth? Or does she just need to experience what it means to be alone?
Versailles is pure entertainment and a rite of passage story about finding yourself in an age of constant monitoring and virtual connectedness
Genre: Young Adult | Science Fiction


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