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Utopian Uprising: Prisoner of the Mind by Brian G. Craft
Requirements: ePUB Reader 279 kb
Overview: Control your mind, or someone else will.

It was meant to be their savior… Orion was only a boy when it took control of his mind the first time. Telekinetic technology borrowed 99 human minds and accelerated a supercomputer to near infinite power. Handed to Societal Services, Hivemind took control of their dying metropolis and delivered it to the verge of utopia.

But not all is right in this new clockwork city. Ascended to chair #1 in Hivemind, Orion senses a change; their free will is disappearing. Someone is trying to steal it.

Orion challenges the system and triggers a brain-altering fight for permanent control of his mind. His ordeal unleashes supernatural abilities that his persecutors want to exploit to control the masses. His resistance will transform him into the tool of oppression or the champion of revolution.
Genre: Fantasy; Sci-Fi


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