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"Un"missable Series by Jerry Summers ( #2,3)
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Overview: JERRY SUMMERS has extensive law enforcement experience in patrol functions, investigations, crime scene reconstruction, arson, and blood spatter expertise, stemming from blood, sweat and tears shed on the streets with bad guys and victims. Jerry worked in internal affairs, police management, and administration. He rose through the ranks from patrol to police chief, where he served eight years. He loved serving the people, community and department, but hated the political corruption and politics. Forced into retirement due to holding people in positions of power accountable for their actions, a fact proven in court, Jerry began his writing career.
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

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#2 – Unmerited Favor: The Compassion and Peril of Mercy
In the heart-pounding sequel to Uncontrolled Spin, master storyteller Jerry Summers takes us deeper into a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred and deception is the name of the game.
As their romance intensifies, successful spin doctor and marketing genius, Sean Green, continues his mission to help the lovely Jessica Silva expand her boutique clothing empire. But as Sean and Jessica attempt to establish a production plant in Brazil, they experience a temporary setback when Ricardo, their Brazilian connection, is murdered by means of botulism.
Meanwhile, Bonnie Stevens struggles to come to terms with life after the murder of her husband, Mark. Bonnie is driven to destroy the parties responsible, and is certainly capable of doing just that.
Mark’s sister, Wendy, has experienced plenty of trauma and grief in her own life and offers others support and therapy. Her ability to be an angel of mercy goes way beyond counseling, and she is very creative in the ways she bestows unmerited favor.

#3 – Unrestrained Behavior: The Pleasure and Risk of Choice
In Book 3, Unrestrained Behavior, all the likable characters continue, with an emphasis on Wendy, the provider of vigilante justice in the most creative ways.
Regardless of how you label her, she is a domestic violence counselor who, in her spare time, kills people. Not just anyone, you understand—she only kills abusers. Is this because Wendy has a heart of gold or no heart at all? In Jerry Summers’ third book of the ‘Un’missable Series, Wendy will continue to beguile you with her creativity (sea bass, anyone?) in making murder appear to be either suicides or accidents. You’ll become better acquainted with Wendy’s nemesis, Lindsay Parker, a journalist determined to link Wendy to the myriad of deaths surrounding her. But as Lindsay tries to put the noose around Wendy’s neck with the help of her FBI boyfriend, Steve Davis, Wendy finds ever more creative ways to stage her murders. Then, when one of her client’s abusers is murdered while she’s in an interview with the FBI, the investigators aren’t the only ones stunned.
Author Jerry Summers has provided the world with another novel about the chillingly endearing Wendy Stevens, with a new set of plot twists and unpredictable events to keep you guessing. As in the first two books in the series, Summers combines humor with a bit of romance, and creates characters that are memorable and likable – even as you realize you may be cheering for a serial killer.

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