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Undeath (The Fragile Shadows Series Book 1) by Lily Levi
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Overview: Jolene Summers was never supposed to be more than a simple study in memory and human resurrection – and Laurence was never supposed to care.

The summer of ’94 was going to be big. Real big. At least, that’s what Benny promised her. From Willapa Bay to Todos Santos, every town had something to steal and even less to leave behind. The quiet coastal town of Neverpine wasn’t supposed to be any different, but that was before she died.

And she was supposed to stay dead, too.

But now, Jolene’s stuck in a house she doesn’t remember with a man she’s never seen before. She can’t seem to remember a single thing about who she is except that she likes the taste of cigarettes and that there might be someone waiting for her; looking for her.

Still, it’s hard to care about a life and the people in it when it feels like so much less than a dream… and when the strange man by your bedside is nearly all the dream you can handle.

Undeath is a dark, semi-sweet paranormal romance with a HFN ending and a plethora of monsters – some of which are frighteningly real.
Genre: Fiction; Romance, Paranormal


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