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Twenty-One by D. Victoria BonAnno
Requirements: Epub reader, 372 Kb
Overview: Reeling from the recent loss of her mother, college student Chloe Leroux just wants to finish her final academic year in peace. But when she indulges in a night out to a mysterious club, she awakens naked and locked in a cage with a collar around her neck. Chloe is trapped in a manor populated by women who have been kidnapped, branded, and brainwashed into sex slaves to auction off to the highest bidder. Demetrius, her mercurial captor, promises to do the same to her. As the slave auction draws near, Chloe must fight to survive long enough to escape. But as her sanity begins to crumble under the hand of the man who calls himself her Master, she may no longer have the strength to leave.
Terrifying, suspenseful, and darkly erotic, Twenty-One weaves a harrowing tale through a fractured mind, revealing a world that is equal parts deadly and tantalizing.
Genre: Thriller, Psychological


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