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The Runaway Girl Series Boxset by Emily Organ (#01 -03)
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Overview: If you like page turners with absorbing characters and historical detail, then you must read this thriller series by Emily Organ, available as a three book box set, the Runaway Girl Series contains 900 pages of fast-paced historical thrills.
Genre: Fiction > Historical Mystery


Book 1: Runaway Girl: A missing girl. The treacherous streets of Medieval London. Only one woman is brave enough to try and bring her home. After the death of her family, grieving Alice has chosen a quiet life of seclusion in a monastery. But she is hit by a personal tragedy which forces her to confront the dangers of medieval London. When her 14 year old friend, Constance, vanishes, Alice’s life is turned upside down. Is Constance’s disappearance linked to a dead girl pulled from the Thames? Another girl is on the run – but who is she running from? Alice’s desperate search stirs up something sinister and soon her own life is in danger. Powerful forces want to ensure the truth will never be uncovered, can Alice find Constance before her time runs out?

Book 2: Forgotten Child: Her husband took a fatal secret to the grave. Two friends are murdered. She has only one chance to stop the killing. Alice Wescott thought she knew her husband, Thomas. But after his death, two strangers reveal something he kept hidden from her. When two of her friends are murdered, Alice has to confront her husband’s past. Was he really the man she thought he was? An eight year old boy holds the answer, but he forces her to make a perilous journey north to the wilds of Northumbria. Stranded on Holy Island, Alice’s mission to remedy her husband’s mistake leads her into a deadly trap. Can she right her husband’s wrongs or will his secret claim another victim?

Book 3: Sins of the Father: An enemy returns. And this time he has her fooled. If he gets his own way then a little girl will never be seen again. Alice de Grey is settling into married life in medieval London, but her world is shattered when her two year old niece, Mary, is kidnapped. As the city searches for the little girl, Alice realises that it was her own mistake which put Mary in danger. Alice’s adversary, Sir Walter, is back. He has duped her and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Even murder. Alice is forced to fix her mistake but Mary isn’t the only one to suffer. Sir Walter is one step ahead, and time is running out for Alice and her family.

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