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The Loveliest Dead by Ray Garton
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Overview: Horror master Garton delivers his usual ironic and macabre touches as the dead—who are, in fact, pretty ugly—make life a hell for the living.Following a sequence of increasingly dire personal tragedies, culminating in the unexplained death of their four‑year‑old son, Josh, Jenna and David Kella plan to make a new start of their lives on the old family homestead they have inherited just outside Eureka, California, with their surviving son, Miles. What they discover, though, is a nightmare. Ghostly children play on the backyard swings and vanish abruptly. In a cruel and maddening irony, one of the child ghosts resembles Josh. The frights and horrors pile up as psychics, Ouija boards, and poltergeists join the mix.
Genre: Horror|Paranormal|Ghosts


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