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The Inspired Leader: How leaders can discover, experience and maintain their inspiration by Andy Bird
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Overview: Being inspired can be a magnificent, invigorating feeling. But it’s also one that we know surprisingly little about. Does it happen by chance? Are all forms of inspiration the same? Can we influence how and when we feel inspired?

These are searching questions, particularly for people who take on the challenge of being leaders. Given the tumultuous state of the world today, there is an urgent need for talented individuals to step up and provide inspiring leadership for their teams and organisations. But for them to do so, it is critical that they are able to find first the inspiration they need for themselves. Only then will they have the drive and resilience to handle all the responsibility, pressure and scrutiny that being a leader often entails.

The Inspired Leader helps them do just that. The book is based on extensive new research, conducted in association with Henley Business School, into the real life experiences of leaders from many different walks of life. Drawing on the latest behavioural science, Andy Bird explains how inspiration is actually experienced by people in positions of leadership. He also examines how they maintain it over time despite the many obstacles and challenges they face.

The result is a compelling collection of stories, insights and ideas which are accompanied by a thought-provoking set of personal development tools and reflective exercises. In combination, The Inspired Leader provides an uplifting guide for anyone seeking their own path to a more inspired life as a leader.
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