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The History Thief: Ten Days Lost by Joseph S. Nagle (The Sterling Novels #2)
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Overview: In J. S. Nagle’s freshman debut and acclaimed thriller, The Hand of Christ, CIA Officer, Dr. Michael Sterling dealt a severe blow to the Order: an organization whose charter for centuries has been to infiltrate governments and corporations with pawns that they control. Fractured but not broken, three years have passed, and the Order is back with a new plan: a plan that has the White House in their crosshairs.
And they will use Michael to get there. He has no choice: they’ve kidnapped his wife. Michael has forty-eight hours to do their bidding. Fail, and she dies, Michael, too.
Soon, the Crown of Thorns is stolen, the Shroud of Turin, too. During a state visit to Notre Dame the woman heavily favored to be the next President of the United States becomes one of the many victims from an explosion that leaves the famed Cathedral in smouldering ruins; destruction surpassed only by that of 9/11. Named in her place is Senator Matthew Faust, but he is one of the Order’s pawns.
While the world mourns, seemingly unrelated events take place in Afghanistan where Staff Sergeant York and his Alpha Team of Green Berets come across intelligence that links both him and Michael to the assassination.
Genre: Mystery


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