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The Happiness Hack: How to Take Charge of Your Brain and Program More Happiness into Your Life by Ellen Petry Leanse
Requirements: Any PDF Reader, 14mb
Overview: For years, Ellen Leanse worked with the biggest technology titans that fight for our attention, including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft… programming habits that revolved around our devices. By mapping how the mind works, innovators like Ellen are able to ingrain habits for all of us, revolving around our technology. But what if we could instead create habits that revolve around happiness?
By the end of The Happiness Hack, you’ll be back in control of your mind and living the life you wish to live. Only you can define your happiness ― take control today!
Genre: Non-Fiction> Mental Health


In this refreshing, practical book, you’ll learn Ellen’s proven methods to hack your mind in order to:
• •Stop living your life on auto pilot
• •Reclaim focus for the things that matter
• •Have more time to do things you love
• •Create real connections to the world around you
• •And most importantly, REDUCE STRESS

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