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The Blaines and the McCalls of Crockett, Texas Series by Ginna Gray (#1,5,8)
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Overview: Ginna sold her first novel in 1983, after winning the Golden Heart Award, given by Romance Writers of America for the best unpublished novel in a category. She has been working as a full-time writer ever since. When she finishes her current contracts, Ginna will have written 33 books. She has also given many lectures and writing workshops, and judged in writing contests.
Genre: Fiction, Romance

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#1 – Fools Rush In (Western Lovers: Kids ‘n Kin, #25)
When her gentle twin telephoned in terror and then disappeared, impulsive Erin Blaine raced to the rescue–and collided with Max Delany, the man her missing sister claimed to love.

Sexy Max dubbed Erin a fool for rushing in where angels feared to tread. Still, he offered her his services…in more ways than one. With danger dogging them from city to city, they quickly forged a breathless bond. Erin trembled beneath Max’s tempting lips, yet she knew she must resist. For once they found her beloved twin, Erin would have to let Max go….

#5 – Building Dreams
Still burning from a painful divorce, contractor Ryan McCall is finished with women. That is until his thirteen-year-old son befriends their new neighbor–widowed high-school teacher Tess Benson. But she is seven months pregnant. Tess finds Ryan rude, and his assuming and egocentric behavior is starting to grate on her nerves. Unfortunately, she needs a new Lamaze coach and he is the only person available. Worse still, she’s even starting to "like" him–a lot. Is it possible to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t even like you… or "any" woman for that matter?

#8 – Meant for Each Other
HUSBAND OF HER DREAMS. Dr. Mike McCall had a way with the children he cared for–and the women he charmed. And Dr. Leah Albright was no exception. When the handsome M.D. heroically saved her brother’s life, Leah was swept into a whirlwind of emotions. His ternder courthsip filled her with the hope of sharing her life with him. And his proposal was a dream come true. But before she could become Mike’s loving wife, Leah had to tell Mike her long-held family secret. A secret that stood strongly between Leah and the man she was meant to be with….

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