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The Arcturus Man by John Janis Strauchs
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Overview: Jared Siemels is unlike any other man or woman living today. Born in Latvia in 1981, his birth was a massive leap in human evolution, a leap that had not previously occurred for tens or hundreds of thousands of years. He is as different from modern humans as they are from prehistoric man. Far advanced physically and mentally, he is desperate to be ordinary. And despite his great intellect, or because of it, he has no innate understanding of love, faith, or morality. It is a story about being different in a world that demands sameness. What does it mean to be human?

Ripped away from his family, at the age of six Jared is brought to America and enrolled in a special program for gifted children at M.I.T. After coming of age, he leads a lonely and increasingly tormented life on his island home off the coast of Maine. His is a reclusive and secret world. A megagenius, his royalties from his many inventions have made him a rich man but he finds little comfort in his wealth until he meets Jenny, a young marine biology doctoral candidate. Struggling to love him and hoping to understand him, she is drawn into the perverse maelstrom of his immense genius. Her rival is a perfect cyber-woman created by Jared.
There are powerful and dangerous men who fear Jared and want to destroy the products of his brilliant mind. His most recent discovery could deny terrorists their most potent weapons. Assassins are sent to kill Jared. He and Jenny are pursued relentlessly as they travel to the jungles of Panama to elude and then face their relentless tormentors.
Genre: Fantasy


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