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It’s a known fact that most of the people can add (or subtract) numbers but, what would happen if we no longer dealt with adding numbers but colors? And what if we just have a fraction of a second to do that, while everything is being moved in time to the music?

2 different play modes: Arcade and PlayUrMusic.

• In Arcade mode, the songs are distributed across different levels, with all but the first locked at the start. You must complete each song to unlock the next one. Complete all songs in the level and it will unlock the next level. To finish the game and unlock the Master mode, the player must complete all levels.

• In PlayUrMusic mode you can play any songs from your own personal music library. Choose from any of the levels you have unlocked in the Arcade mode. With the online scoreboards you can compete with other players and become the fastest mind in the world .


• Think fast before your next move (there are no numbers, just dots so you need to associate colors with numbers)
• Calculate the length of your next move
• Anticipate how the song will affect the next move
• Deal with your nerves!
• Think about your next move, peripheral vision is key here!
• If you think the game is easy you should try the Master mode…

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Download Data (142.59MB)

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