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Song of the Winns / Gerander Trilogy by Frances Watts (Books 1-3)
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Overview: Frances Watts was born in Switzerland and grew up in Australia. She has published 20 books for children, including picture books and books for younger readers, including Goodnight Mice!, the winner of the 2012 Prime Ministers Award for Childrens Fiction, and 2008 Childrens Book Council of Australia award-winner Parsley Rabbits Book about Books. Her latest book, The Ravens Wing, is her first novel for young adults. Frances lives in Sydney and divides her time between writing and editing.
Genre: Childrens > Middle Grade


1. The Secret of the Ginger Mice (2012) – Can four intrepid mice save an entire country?
One summer morning in the small town of Smiggins, Alice and Alex awake to find their triplet brother Alistair has mysteriously vanished! After learning a family secret, Alice and Alex immediately set off to find Alistair with only a mysterious letter to guide them. Alistair, however, must make sense of falling from the sky onto Tibby Rose, the only other ginger-colored mouse he has ever met.
With enemy spies hot on their tails, Alice and Alex’s adventure quickly turns into a dangerous and desperate race. And for every clue that Alistair and Tibby Rose uncover, another mystery is seemingly revealed. Helping an oppressed country and its people aside, all that these four mice want to do is find each other and their way home.
The first book in Frances Watt’s The Song of the Winns trilogy, The Secret of the Ginger Mice is an extraordinary tale of spontaneous acts of courage, infallible friendships, and innocent rebellions.

2. The Spies of Gerander aka The Song of the Winns (2010) – After discovering their parents are still alive and their homeland of Gerander is in danger, mouse triplets Alistair, Alice, and Alex, and their friend Tibby Rose, have joined the underground rebel organization FIG. In quick measure, FIG orders Alex and Alice go undercover in Souris to infiltrate Queen Eugenia’s palace while Alistair and Tibby Rose are sent to discover Gerander’s secret paths, which may be the key Gerandans need to triumph and for the triplets to rescue their parents.
Enemy spies, attacking eagles, and blizzarding mountaintops seem all the more challenging when there is a lack of good cheese available, but these four young mice respond with endless creativity and determination. Cheeky and entertaining, The Spies of Gerander is an action filled sequel to the first book in The Song of the Winns series, The Secret of the Ginger Mice.

3. The Secret of Zanzibar (2012) – The highly acclaimed Gerander trilogy comes to its thrilling conclusion ‘So many secrets … so many lies …’ time is running out, as Queen Eugenia prepares to crown herself the absolute ruler of Greater Gerander. And so Alistair and tibby Rose travel deep into dangerous territory on a daring mission to stop her, while Alice and Alex risk their lives by returning to the enemy stronghold they so recently fled. they must act now to restore Zanzibar to the throne, or lose their homeland forever. But Zanzibar has a secret. And it may cost Alistair his life …

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