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Shattered Lands series by Darren Pillsbury (#01~3)
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Overview: Darren used to watch movies for a living. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Now he writes the YA horror/comedy series PETER AND THE MONSTERS, about a 10-year-old boy who moves into his grandfather’s creepy old mansion and bad, baaaaad things start to happen.
Genre: Fiction | Sci-fi/Fantasy | LitRPG

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#1 – Shattered Lands
It’s all just fun and games… until somebody dies.
Welcome to the Shattered Lands, the first truly immersive video game where you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel the game.
In this online fantasy world of dragons, elves, wizards, and magic, two best friends enter at the same time and take very different paths. Daniel desperately wants to break free of his ‘nice-guy’ life in the real world… until his choices end in tragedy. Eric wants unlimited power by any means necessary. Assassin or summoner of demons, it makes no different. Join them on their quest – both inside the game and out – as they navigate the violence, the triumphs, the treachery, and the danger… Of the Shattered Lands.

#2 – The Fall Of Blackstone
However much power you have, it’s never enough… in the Shattered Lands.
Dragons and the Demonomicon – the most complete volume of demon-summoning spells in the online RPG world of the Shattered Lands – weren’t enough for Eric. In his quest for power, he’s summoned something he can’t control. Now Eric and his allies march forth to war – and Daniel and Mira, a hero and a dark elf, are the only things standing in his path.

The game plays out in both the Shattered Lands and the real world, as crime begets crime and betrayal follows betrayal. But now there are new players in the drama, all with their own motives: a witch… a demon general from hell… and an artificial intelligence that is wreaking havoc in the game. So log into the Shattered Lands… Grab your weapon of choice…
And prepare for the battle of your life.

#3 – Demon Wars
Would you kill your best friend to stop him from doing something unspeakably evil?
Eric has crossed the line. His actions have not only impacted the Shattered Lands – the online video game of demons, dragons, elves, and magic – but he has unleashed something horrible in the real world, as well. His best friend Daniel has one last quest: hunt Eric down, whether in the game or the real world, and bring him to justice. But if Eric won’t come quietly, then a shallow grave is waiting for at least one of them… in the Shattered Lands.

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