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Secrets of the Past by Estella McQueen
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Overview: What if you could see the past?
Charlie Gilchrist has the unique gift, or curse, of retrocognition.
Objects and artefacts are enough to trigger visions and he can see scenes from the past play out in front of him.
When his brother asks him to meet an old friend who is managing a historical home, he has no idea what’s in store.
Astrid Buchanan, estate manager at Addleston House, is struggling to make the venue a profitable tourist attraction.
But Addleston has no real history or mystery behind it, and that’s a problem.
When a box of old letters and a diary is found under some floorboards, Astrid gets Charlie to look at them, thinking he might be able to unearth something from the house’s history to build on.
But when Mrs. Toon, her colleague, gets wind of Charlie’s unorthodox methods, Astrid finds herself fighting for her job.
As Charlie reads, he discovers that Richard Tunney – who used to own the house – was a difficult man, and cruel to Amelia, his second wife.
Amelia hides herself in these long letters to her true love, Harry Bramall.
But Richard Tunney knows something is up, and tells a woman only identified as ‘Mary Ellen’, that she must read all letters Amelia sends and receives.
When disaster strikes, can Amelia and Harry’s love survive the trials of her vindictive husband? Who is Mary Ellen and what brought her to Addleston?
And will Charlie solve the mystery before Astrid finds herself out of a job?
A sad love story set during the Regency period becomes a modern day mystery that will make Charlie Gilchrist confront his past, and come to terms with the gift that has kept him an outsider his entire life.
Genre: Fiction>Romance


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