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Secret Shifters of Spokane Series by Selena Scott (Books 1 – 3)
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Overview: Selena Scott is an avid and devoted writer based on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. Selena loves nothing more than to let her thoughts run wild by putting pen to paper. Dragons, bears, curvy girls, alpha males and sexy storylines are what really gets Selena excited.
Genre: Romance


Danil’s Mate (Book 1)
A curvy reporter who’s just arrived in town and an alpha bear shifter who holds a deep family secret. Can their attraction become something more and can she tame the animal within him?
Danil – an immigration lawyer, originally from Belarus. His family moved to America when dissidents of the president started to disappear. The youngest of 4 brothers, his love for his family is paramount. He seeks to protect those close to him.
Dora – sexy, curvy and not afraid to speak her mind. She’s arrived in Spokane to investigate reports of a bear in the forest that has been experimented on. Little does she know what her inquiries will uncover.
What will happen to Danil’s family if their secret is exposed? Can the intense desire between them survive and flourish into a true love story?

Emin’s Mate (Book 2)
Emin knows exactly how to handle a seductress. But there’s something different about this sweet, innocent woman in the forest that has him confused as hell?
Emin doesn’t consider himself a heartbreaker, but he certainly appreciates women. He likes the way they move, smell, sound, and he never met one he couldn’t woo. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an artist living in the mountains outside of Spokane, that he has a sexy Belarusian accent, and that he’s a bear shifter.
When he and his brothers take to the mountains to investigate Navuka, an evil organization dedicated to weaponizing shifters, Emin catches a scent that haunts him. A tiger! He realizes that a tiger shifter must have escaped from Navuka’s torturous lab. All he knows for sure is that there’s a tiger living somewhere in the forest. And ironically, she’s the only female who has ever run from him.
Glory was raised as a tiger by her mother and has spent almost no time in her human form. She’s a bright little newbie, for whom everything is a delightful wonder. When she finally reveals herself to Emin, his golden beauty, gruff manner, and sexy ass body all swoop her instantly into love. But her innocence and lack of guile disarm him.
Neither of them can deny their attraction for one another, but will the dangers in the forest stop Emin from claiming his true mate?

Maxim’s Mate (Book 3)
When one night of passion becomes something neither of them could have ever predicted
Ivy Greene is a strong, confident single mother who, honestly, doesn’t need any help. She’s got this. All except for one thing. Her five-year-old son, Lincoln, has a terrible secret that she’s determined to keep until the day she dies. She’d do anything for her son. Including traveling to Spokane to search for more information about people like her son. While she’s there, she crosses paths with someone who was supposed to be a one-night stand. Little did she know, he’s playing for keeps.
Maxim Malashovik is the oldest of four boys. He’s fun loving, kind, thoughtful, and, oh yeah, a bear shifter. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for the people he loves. And suddenly, inexplicably, he finds he has to add a person to that list after just one night with her.
Why couldn’t he have fallen for somebody who wanted him back? Or even left her number after their one-night stand…

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