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Roses and Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold by Chris Anne Wolfe
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 141 KB
Overview: A greedy father.
A beautiful daughter.
A faceless noble.
With a word, Aloysius bargains away Angelique’s future for a hefty bride-price, and no one, not even Angelique’s beloved mother can save her.

Angelique is taken to a strange and marvelous estate where she is befriended by Culdun, her Liege’s fey companion. And though Culdun hints at darker forces, Angelique is drawn to her host and ever so slowly, she wins Drew’s trust.

But old fears and an older curse resurface, threatening to drive them apart and banish Drew into an eternity of loneliness. Will Angelique’s growing love be strong enough to save her Liege? Or will she flee once the secret is revealed?
“No author could have retold Beauty and the Beast as beautifully as Chris Anne Wolfe. She entices you throughout the story, making your heart pound with each second. At the end you believe magic is afoot and love is as near to you as your dreams.
Genre: Fantasy l Glbt


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