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Python Hunting: A beginner’s guide to programming and game building in Python for teens, tweens and newbies by Marley Adair and Brian Carling
Requirements: Any PDF Reader, 5.1mb
Overview: Python Hunting throws beginners straight into the cool, creative side of things.
To get the basics you’ll build a Falling Rain program and a character who puts up his umbrella to keep dry.
This runs smoothly into a Space Invaders game with randomly moving invaders and arcade style scoring. After all, space invaders aren’t so different from falling rain.
Then build the classic Pong game but with some extras like a bat that hits the ball to accelerate it and balls that bounce in a slightly random fashion.
Next a Fly Catching Frog with an extending tongue. If you don’t catch enough flies you’ll starve but the flies appear randomly on the screen and only for a limited amount of time.
And finally a two player Tank Battle with tanks you can move around the screen, moving obstacles, ammo dumps and bouncing shells.
All though this you learn how to add start and game over screens, sound effects, graphics, game statistics such as lives and scores, and more, with each game introducing new skills and ideas.
Python Hunting covers all the basics, such as classes, functions, loops and logic, but relates them all to the more fun aspects of programming.
Genre: Tech & Devices


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