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Princess Posey Series by Stephanie Greene
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Overview: Stephanie Greene is the author of many books for young readers, including the popular Owen Foote books. Ms. Greene lives in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Genre: Childrens > Chapter Books | Fiction


1. Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade (2010) – Posey is really nervous about starting first grade. Instead of getting walked to her classroom, her mom has to drop her off at the Kiss-and-Go Lane. Then she?ll have to walk into school and face the Monster of the Blue Hall all by herself. Worst of all, she has to do it without the one thing that always makes her feel brave and special: the tutu that turns her into the Pink Princess. But when Posey inspires her new teacher to throw a first-day parade in which all the kids are invited to wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable, first grade starts to look a lot more promising.

2. Princess Posey and the Perfect Present (2011) – Posey loves first grade, her two new best friends, and, most of all, her teacher Miss Lee. When Miss Lee announces that her birthday is the next day, Posey can hardly wait to give her the pink home grown roses from her backyard. But when her friend brings Miss Lee a big bouquet from a florist, Posey feels like her present isn’t special enough. What’s the Pink Princess to do?

4. Princess Posey and the Monster Stew (2012) – Halloween is right around the corner and Princess Posey is super excited to have a party with her first grade classmates and go trick-or-treating. But sometimes Halloween tricks are scary. When Posey’s teacher announces that they’re going to have monster stew at their party, she’s more than a little nervous. But in true Princess Posey fashion, she dons her sparkly tutu and realizes that being a little scared with friends can be much fun!

5. Princess Posey and the New First Grader (2013) – Posey and her best friends, Nikki and Ava, do everything together. Then, new girl Grace joins Miss Lee’s first grade class, and Posey worries that everything will change. Nikki and Ava can’t stop talking about Grace’s long princess hair, and when she joins the girls’ recess games, they like her way of doing things better than Posey’s. But when Grace accidentally teases Posey, she’s had enough: she doesn’t want to play with Grace ever again! Can Posey’s princess tutu help her find a way to get along with the new student?

6. Princess Posey and the Tiny Treasure (2013) – Posey longs to take her tiny pink pig to first grade to show Nikki and Ava. But what about Miss Lee’s rule? Can Posey resist taking out her new treasure during class? What if she can’t, and Miss Lee takes it away?
It might take her pink tutu and all of her Princess Posey courage to get her treasure back.

7. Princess Posey and the Christmas Magic (2013) – Posey is sure Santa will bring her a real magic wand for Christmas–it will help her do so many wonderful things! But when an accident leads to a little white lie, she worries Santa won’t come at all. Will Princess Posey’s sparkly tutu help her find the courage to fix things?

8. Princess Posey and the First-Grade Boys (2014) – The first grade boys are driving Posey crazy! They can’t seem to sit still, they make rude noises, and sometimes they are just plain weird.
When Posey makes up a silly song about Henry, her friends all think it’s funny. But it isn’t so funny to Henry—or Miss Lee.
Can Princess Posey’s sparkly tutu help her find a way to fix this mess?

9. Princess Posey and the First Grade Ballet (2014) – Valentine’s Day is coming! Posey is so excited about her special ballet recital and giving cards to everyone at school. Then she learns that one of her classmates doesn’t have any valentines to give out. Can Princess Posey and her tutu find the perfect way to help?

10. Princess Posey and the Crazy Lazy Vacation (2016) – Lots of adventures await everyone’s favorite first-grader, Princess Posey, on her anything-but-boring vacation!
Posey’s classroom is abuzz with everyone’s travel plans for the upcoming spring break. But Posey is worried: instead of going away for their vacation, her mom says they are going to have a "lazy vacation" at home. What if lazy actually means boring? Fortunately, the next few days are anything but: there are pancakes for dinner, a loose tooth, a sleepover with her friends, and a new bike without training wheels!
After Posey’s first attempt at riding ends with a crash, she’s not sure she wants to get back on her bike. But with some encouragement from Grandpa and help from her sparkly tutu, Posey realizes that being brave means trying again, even if you feel afraid. The final thing Posey learns after her adventurous week: it’s impossible for a first grader to have a boring vacation!

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