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Pole Position by H.M. Montes (In It To Win It #1)
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Overview: Meet Chassis Heart when she was almost 6 years old her dad died while racing at a local dirt track. She never knew the man responsible for the wreck and never seen the car until the day of her high school graduation.
Her mom was devastated when Chassis got accepted into a college 4 hours from their home in Kansas. With her friend Asher by her side she is determined to make the best of her time at college.
Until she meets Jet Crow, he’s everything she knows is bad for her. With his dirty brown hair, silver blue eyes, tattoos, and his cocky attitude she knows he nothing but trouble.
Jet Crow, is a second year sports medicine student, he’s had one serious girlfriend at college but that ended after she cheated on him.
When the new school year starts at college his eyes land on Chassis, with her dark black hair, two different colored blue eyes and one hell of a sassy attitude he finds himself attracted to her.
When they meet in the hallway and he gets a good look at her, he knows…there’s something all to familiar about her but he can’t figure out what.
Jet’s main focus is his racing and avoiding his drunk abusive dad.
No matter what Jet can’t stay away from Chassis, he want’s her and will not stop until she is his.
When that night finally happens he knows he shouldn’t take her virginity but he can’t stop himself.
That night turns out to be the best night of his life, until the following morning when his dad shows up drunk demanding to see Jet. His room mate beating on his door is how both him and Chassis figure out how they know each other…his dad is the driver that wrecker her dad and killed him that night 13 years ago.
Genre: Erotic Romance


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