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Patty Cakes Bake Shop Series by Holly Plum (Patty Cakes Bake Shop #5-6)
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Overview: Holly Plum is an avid mug collector, green tea lover, and freelance cake decorator. She lives in Texas with her family and her adopted cat named Taffy. In her spare time, she loves writing cozies and reading cozies, especially while cozying up with a sweet treat and a fluffy blanket.
Genre: Fiction|Cosy Mystery


Wedding Bells and a Body (Patty Cakes Bake Shop #5)
Beware of being baked like a batch of double fudge brownies.
Bakery owner Joy Cooke is shocked to hear that one of her long-time customers has passed away, leaving Joy a small fortune. Dorothy’s money will be more than enough to fix a leaky roof and pay for a new oven, but her family has other plans. Convinced that Joy forced Dorothy into changing her will, Dorothy’s family begins confronting her about it one-by-one. But after a visit from the town detective, a threatening note, and an unusual break-in, Joy is convinced that Dorothy’s death was no accident. With a killer in the family, there is no telling what Dorothy’s children might do next.

Saying Pie Do (Patty Cakes Bake Shop #6)
Everyone is dying for pie.
Bakery owner Joy Cooke is hired to cater a book launch party for a bestselling mystery author, and the menu of desserts stretches from pecan pie to a wedding cake display. But when Joy’s client learns her furry companion was found dead just like a character in her book, Joy discovers that someone wants revenge. And the book launch is the perfect place to strike. With the help of a spacy assistant and a fluffy cat named Cheesecake, Joy sets out to find the killer. Her list of suspects includes a suspicious book club President, a pet psychic, and much more. Will Joy solve the case before she too is sliced like a pecan pie?

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Wedding Bells and a Body (Patty Cakes Bake Shop #5)

Saying Pie Do (Patty Cakes Bake Shop #6)

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