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Paranormal in Manhattan Series by Lotta Smith (Books 5, 6)
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Overview: I’m the author of Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery series and PI Assistant Extraordinaire Mystery. I fell in love with mystery the moment I developed consciousness. I’m especially fond of lighthearted murder mystery stories with a little sprinkle of romance.
Genre: Mystery

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Book 5 – Sweet Wicked of Mine
I could stay awake just to feel you creeping… Life is sweet for FBI Special Assistant Amanda Meyer. Her live-in boyfriend just happens to be her sexy boss, Rick Rowling, head of the Paranormal Cases Division, and cozy evenings at home are becoming a thing – but that just means a wicked new case is right around the corner. When a little girl is kidnapped, the evidence points to world renowned psychic Aurora Westwood but something just doesn’t add up. In exchange for her help finding the missing child, Aurora has a proposition for Mandy that could change everything. Juggling life-changing proposals, grim reminders of her haunted past and a parade of restless spirits is just another day at the office for the girl they once called the Reaper in this madcap fifth book in the Manhattan Mystery Series.

Book 6 – Wicked and Haunted
Wedding bells are about to ring for FBI Special Assistant Amanda Meyer and her sexy boss, Rick Rowling, but before they walk down the aisle, Mandy will have to solve a new case for the Paranormal Cases Division…and stop Rick’s estranged mother, Alice, from turning their ceremony into the wedding from hell.
While Mandy has no trouble talking to dead people, her very alive future mother-in-law is another story. As she tries to graciously dodge Alice’s nutty plans for the ceremony—including a live llama and a tattoo exchange—she dives full-throttle into the investigation of a haunted ring with a reputation for killing its owners.
Before Mandy can solve the case, however, Alice tries on the haunted ring and is possessed by its ghost. Can Mandy end the ring’s curse, save Rick’s mother, and keep her wedding from going to the llamas? Or will the cursed ring kill her before she can say, “I do”?

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