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Paradise Mystery Series by Deborah Brown (Books 1-4)
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Overview: There’s nothing a new pair of shoes can’t cure.
Redhead. Long legs. There’s nothing like a strawberry-lemonade in summer. Favorite activity: Filling my pockets with seashells. An avid rule follower when eating Animal Cookies: Broken ones get eaten first, match up the rest, duplicates next, line them up favorite to not, least favorite go first. South Florida is my home, with my ungrateful rescue cats, and where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.
Genre: Mystery

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Book 1 – Crazy in Paradise
Welcome to Tarpon Cove.
Dying in the Middle of Summer is Sweaty Business…
If you ever put yourself in trouble by picking up someone else’s past, you have to meet Madison Westin, an honorary Trouble Queen.
Madison is a quirky motel owner, who recently inherited her aunt’s beachfront motel in the Florida Keys. But that is NOT all she inherited, as the motel houses a slew of colourful tenant’s—drunks, ex-cons, fugitives, and whatever bad guy you can think of. How to solve this mess…?
That is really not that difficult if you are Madison Westin.

Book 2 – Deception in Paradise
The Florida Keys are hotter than ever.
With Madison’s never-say-no style she’s smarter and packing an attitude not to mention her Glock.
This time, trouble rolls into Tarpon Cove in the form of Madison’s ex-husband, Jackson Devereaux, whom she hoped to never see again. His arrival brings unparalleled chaos and an uninvited corpse.
Teaming up with her hot friend, Fabiana, the two women go from chasing the usual cast of misfits and weirdos to hunting down a murderer. The action turns deadly serious when they stir up a nasty enemy as they try to stay one-step ahead in a game of cat and mouse that threatens their lives.

Book 3 – Trouble in Paradise
What is big news in small town Tarpon Cove? An accidental drowning or maybe even a ruthless murder? When a dead fisherman rolls up on the shore of Tarpon Cove, Madison cannot resist but to jump into her new role as Private Investigator, with only one goal in mind: to solve this intriguing mystery of the dead guy. But things do not go as Madison wants as she discovers that people in small towns are usually tight lipped, and that is certainly the case for the residents of Tarpon Cove. Although a hot bed for gossip, in a town where everyone knows everyone’s business, what is safer than keeping your mouth shut?
But that is not all… With Madison’s tenant assessment skills not shaping up, her cottages are still full of riffraff, and it has become Tarpon Cove’s hotbed for illegal affairs.
Madison teams up with her best friend and Glock-carrying Fabiana… Together they take on cases no other investigators would ever dare to touch in Tarpon Cove or anywhere else.

Book 4 – Murder in Paradise
Overlooking the waters of the Biscayne Bay sits a mansion where all hell has broken loose.
…A shadow passed by the driver’s side window, then the sound of breaking glass, small pieces hitting my back and arm. I jerked around, at the same time reaching for the Glock attached to my thigh. The last things I saw were the bursts of electricity flashing before my eyes…
In Deborah Brown’s newest novel, Madison Westin must piece together the clues to solve a murder and save her best friend, Fabiana from a lifetime behind bars.
Smart, sexy, and thrilling, Murder in Paradise will leave you begging for more.

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