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Paint It, Black by J.D. Walker
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 267 kB
Overview: Engelbert Trentworthy — dear God, call him Trent — is a bit of a slut. Most people don’t take him seriously, and really, neither does he. Trent keeps things simple and doesn’t allow others to get close for reasons he never shares with anyone. Then he meets photographer Elias Lane at the customer service desk where he works.
Elias is captivated by Trent’s appearance and asks him to be part of a photo shoot. Unfortunately, Trent’s image ends up in a shop window near his job and causes all kinds of havoc. To make it up to him, Elias buys Trent dinner. But when Elias tries to push for more, Trent backs away.
Somehow, between the coworker who’s harassing Trent for sex and the specter of Trent’s black past, Elias is determined get Trent to give him a chance, in every possible way.
Genre: Romance MM


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