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Our Song by Ellen Barnes
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Overview: Cara and Jillian were supposed to last forever but then careers and ambitions tore them away from each other.
Eight years later Jillian, a television writer and producer, is back in Nashville, ready to film a show she’s sold her network on. The only problem is that she needs an amazing songwriter to put the music into the show, and she only knows one woman who can fit that bill–Cara.
The last thing Cara wants is to risk her heart again. The breakup with Jillian caused damage that has taken years to mend but as soon as she meets up with Jillian the old sparks–and quite a few new ones–start to fly between the two.
With both their careers in need of a boost the two agree to work together, but that old flame isn’t dead, and it seems to just be getting hotter all the time, leaving both Cara and Jillian wondering what it will take to find happiness with each other again, and if they even can be together again.
Their are some graphic sex scenes as well as some ‘sweet’ ones within this book.

Genre: Fiction, Romance FF


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