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No Reservations by Kristen Proby (Fusion #4.5)
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI Reader, 444 kB | Version: Retail
Overview: Chase MacKenzie is not the man for Maura Jenkins. A self-proclaimed life-long bachelor, and unapologetic about his distaste for monogamy, a woman would have to be a masochist to want to fall into Chase’s bed.

And Maura is no masochist. Chase has one strict rule: no strings attached. Which is fine with Maura because she doesn’t even really like Chase. He’s arrogant, cocky, and let’s not forget bossy. But when he aims that crooked grin at her, she goes weak in the knees. Not that she has any intentions of falling for his charms.

Definitely not.
Well, maybe just once…
Genre: Romance


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