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Misplaced Trilogy by Brian Bennett
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Overview: Brian is a small-town guy with big ideas. An inventor at heart, he is constantly seeking innovative ways to meet a challenge and continues to reinvent even himself.
Among his ever expanding list of hobbies, he’s a guitar enthusiast and enjoys building, collecting, and playing stringed instruments of every shape and size.
When he isn’t at a computer keyboard or tinkering in his workshop, he enjoys a hectic lifestyle with his wife and active teenage children.
Genre: Science Fiction


Two teens with special powers are sought after by dangerous men who want to exploit them and return them to their proper home.

When their cover is compromised, fitting in is no longer an option. Adversaries close in from all directions, forcing Trey and Livy to run to survive.

The black-eyed aliens are tapped into the world’s communications networks, so Trey and Livy go off the grid. But a broadcast with a dire message will force Trey from hiding to face his mortal enemy.

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